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Board of Directors

Samuel E. Upchurch, Jr. Samuel E. Upchurch, Jr.

Chairman of the Board

cott B. Reed Scott B. Reed

Senior Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer

Sam A. Scalici, Jr. Sam A. Scalici, Jr.

Managing Director, Head of Banking

Forest W. Whatley, Jr. Forest W. Whatley, Jr.

Managing Director, Head of Risk and Credit

Luther J. Strange, III Luther J. Strange, III

Organizer, Outside Director

Robert A. Reed Robert A. Reed

Organizer, Outside Director

Richard D. Horsley Richard D. Horsley

Organizer, Outside Director

E. Lyle Cain, Jr. E. Lyle Cain, Jr.

Outside Director

Matthew G. Mead Matthew G. Mead

Outside Director

William B. Morton, Jr. William B. Morton, Jr.

Outside Director

John R. McPherson John R. McPherson

Outside Director

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