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Travel Tips

March 11, 2019, by Lindsey Owens Krausen

Trent Green is our special guest giving our clients some great tips for spring and summer travel.  Trent is Oakworth's Managing Director, Treasury Management. Travel Tips Ah, Spring time…..warmer temps, pollen in the air and the beginning of travel season. Every year, March and April kick off an extended travel season for many of our clients. Whether that travel sends you to the beach, the lake, the mountains, the islands or overseas, the one constant...

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Your 2018 Taxes: What to Expect

January 23, 2019, by Lindsey Owens Krausen

It’s that time of year again.  Tax time.  Before you file your 2018 taxes, we wanted to share an overview of the key tax changes affecting individuals made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Although this is just a general overview, we found this article to be very beneficial in helping our clients understand some of the key changes. Taxpayers should anticipate some big changes when they file their 2018 federal income...

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Rethinking Retirement

, by Lindsey Owens Krausen

Retirement: Sounds great, right?  Traveling, taking those cooking classes you’ve always wanted to take, or even just the thought of relaxing sounds fantastic.  On the flip side, what will you do with all the extra time? Additionally, you could be missing out on valuable employee benefits and opportunities to continue expanding your financial horizons.  Although there are many perks to retirement, there are also many perks to postponing your retirement as well.  More and more...

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Incentive Trusts – Keeping a Steady Hand on the Tiller

October 24, 2018, by John Norris

How you chose to pass down your wealth to future generations is very important.  Whether it be children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, a strong legacy is a wonderful way to ensure the future success of your heirs.  However, establishing your estate plan can be extremely worrisome as the legacy you’ve established is no longer in your hands.  Many tend to worry that a large amount of money could encourage those left behind to make decisions you...

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Trusting Others to Take Control

August 27, 2018, by John Norris

One of the more uncomfortable things to do is face your mortality. Talking about death, dying, and even physical and/or mental incapacity isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. That is why many people put off estate planning as long as they possibly can. In a lot of ways, this is the financial equivalent of the proverbial ostrich burying their head in the sand. You can ignore the inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t...

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5 Ways to Make Your Debit Card Work for You

August 23, 2018, by Lindsey Owens Krausen

5 Ways to Get the Most from Your Oakworth Debit Card 1.  Did you know your Debit Card has Rewards? Scorecard Rewards is an easy-to-use reward program. Register your debit card to start earning points by using the card as credit during the transaction.  Reward points can be redeemed for thousands of items and services. Learn more and register your card here: 2.  Mobile Wallet Capability Add your debit card to your Mobile Wallet on...

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Mobile Wallet Basics

, by Lindsey Owens Krausen

A Mobile Wallet is an app that can be installed on a smartphone to store payment information from your credit and debit cards.  Once your information is stored, you are able to use your device to make purchases. There are a number of different mobile wallets that are compatible with specific devices. Like a credit card, your mobile wallet will only work at retailers that accept your device as a payment method. The major mobile wallets...

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Debit Card Rewards

, by Lindsey Owens Krausen

Reward Yourself with Great Merchandise & Travel Rewards Did you know that you can earn 1 reward point for every 2 dollars you spend? You can then turn your purchases into amazing Merchandise, Travel or Experience rewards! ScoreCard Rewards has top name brand items, unbelievable vacation getaways, valuable services, and once in a lifetime experiences. ScoreCard has it all! ScoreCard is continually updating reward options so you'll have the latest and greatest rewards to choose from...

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Investing for Impact

August 13, 2018, by John Norris

Socially conscious investing isn’t a new concept. In fact, it has been around for a long time. Initially, it was mainly a way for faith-based groups to shy away from things like alcohol, tobacco, and even pornography. However, it has morphed over time to include geopolitics, environmental causes, and a litany of other topics or areas of concern. However, due to the nature of corporate America, sometimes it isn’t easy to determine whether a company...

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Meet the Oakworth Summer Intern Associates

July 31, 2018, by Lindsey Owens Krausen

Alexander Mitchell This summer at Oakworth I was able to truly be a part of the team and see all the different facets and roles of each department. Over the course of the internship I took on various projects and was given real responsibilities. In my first rotation I was able to dive into the three different financial statements paired with Moody’s Analytics software for asset base lending. This project was something that I found...

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