The Oakworth Process

Your Oakworth Client Advisor will guide you through The Oakworth Process which allows for a deeper understanding of your financial needs, customized solutions to address those needs and an ongoing level of service that is unmatched in our industry.


The Oakworth Process Step 1

Step 1: Getting To Know You

Your Client Advisor Will:

  1. Gather information in order to best understand your financial situation
  2. Ask questions to gain an understanding of your priorities and objectives
  3. Confirm your immediate needs in order to develop solutions


The Oakworth Process Step 2

Step 2: Present Solutions

Your Client Advisor Will:

  1. Organize the Oakworth team with specialists that fit your immediate needs
  2. Propose the Oakworth Capital Client Solution
  3. Work with you to develop a strategy for moving your financial relationship to Oakworth


The Oakworth Process Step 3

Step 3: Establish your Oakworth Relationship

Your Client Advisor Will:

  1. Establish your accounts
  2. Ensure accounts are coordinated and appropriately structured
  3. Streamline your transition from existing financial institutions


The Oakworth Process Step 4

Step 4: Help Improve Your Financial Life

Your Client Advisor Will:

  1. Communicate with you based on your preferences
  2. Continued solutions as your financial needs change
  3. Coordinate the Oakworth team to ensure a high level of service


Over our history, this process has resulted in an industry-leading Net Promoter Score and a Client Retention Rate in excess of 99%.