Fiduciary & Trust Services

Personal Trust Services

  • Full Discretionary Trustee Services
  • Estate Administration
  • Directed Trust Services

Custodian of Assets

  • Receipt and daily sweep of all dividends and interest
  • Disbursement of income or principal, as requested
  • Customized performance measurement
  • Custody of all securities
  • Options to auto reinvest cash from security sales or hold on deposit

Fiduciary & Trustee Roles

  • Overseeing governing document
  • Tax-smart gifting strategies
  • Preserving assets for future generations
  • Filing Fiduciary tax returns
  • Coordinating with clients other trusted advisors
  • Managing real estate held in Trust

Escrow Agent

  • Trusted Third Party
  • Impartially carries out terms of the escrow agreement
  • Responsible for disbursement of funds