Banking Re-Thought

We didn’t set out simply to form another bank.
We set out to re-think banking.

In addition to our many, many years of experience, our founders all had something in common: we all felt as if we had seen banking change – for the worse. We shared the conviction that what we do could be done better by returning to some of the age-old practices that had been lost, and also by offering a new, more streamlined set of services. We believed banking could simply be done smarter.

The essential practice of building a deeply bonded relationship between financial advisor and client – a relationship that was common a century or so ago – has been lost. Banks have evolved to a point at which they spend much of their money and time on less important things – not on the things we at Oakworth believe to be vital. So we have re-thought banking – from the way transactions are handled, to how deeply we know our clients, to the technology we employ to serve them.


Redefining Financial ServicesĀ®