Some Common Cents for June 17th 2016

June 19, 2016, by John Norris

mad-in-chinaA couple of weeks ago, my father and I got into a discussion about China’s supposedly aggressive behavior in the South China Sea, namely around the Spratly Islands. He was, and still is, very concerned a belligerent Beijing could cause all sorts of international problems in that area, which would engulf the United States in a faraway war. The problem? I suppose it has to do with the presumption there is a lot of oil under the water over there.

Let’s just say I am not as worried about the South China Sea as my father and many others are. First, there is the name: South China Sea. It isn’t South United States Sea. Second, the Chinese are heavily dependent on trade, and would be foolish to do anything which would impact that. Third, the US could be energy independent in less than 5 years, and should be. Fourth, I am dubious the Pentagon is itching for a fight with the People’s Liberation Army/Navy, especially on its turf. Fifth, there is an issue about the debt…Read On…