State budget cuts’ impact not as huge as they seem

October 13, 2015, by John Norris

Not so long ago, you wrote the budget shortfall wouldn’t have a big impact on Alabama’s economy. Now, we know over 30 driver’s license offices are permanently closing, as well as five state parks. Other state parks and offices will shift to a part-time status. How do these things not have an impact? (Read the full article as previously published in the Montgomery Advertiser Saturday Oct 10th…) The opinions expressed within this report are those of...

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Will cigarette tax increase revenue?

May 19, 2015, by John Norris

A huge chunk of Gov. Bentley's proposed tax increase comes from raising the tax on cigarettes. How effective would this really be on raising revenue? The Governor has proposed increasing the tax on cigarettes by 82.5 cents per pack. Currently, it is 42.5 cents, so the new tax would be $1.25. While still less than the national average, this would be significantly higher than the tax per pack in Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi. In fact,...

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