Argentinian Woes…Huh?!

July 31, 2014, by John Norris

Today wasn’t a very good day for the world’s investment markets. Bank woes in Portugal; a default in Argentina; conflict in the Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, and the specter of a less accommodating Federal Reserve have investors headed for the turnstiles. In and of themselves, the dollars amounts in Argentina and Portugal don’t amount to much on a global scale. The Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting each other for years, as have the...

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Some Common Cents for July 11th 2014

July 14, 2014, by John Norris

This week’s consternation over Portugal’s debt issues led to me wonder: are we prepared for another global financial crisis, if it comes to that? The easy answer is no one is ever really prepared for one, that is why we call them crises. While I can cite any number of ratios, facts, and figures to support why the US financial system is in healthier shape than it was in 2007, on the eve of the...

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