Slim chance of Social Security expansion

April 16, 2015, by John Norris

Expanding Social Security benefits will become a campaign issue for two simple reasons: older people tend to vote, and voters like politicians who are profligate with other peoples’ money. Now that Sen. Warren has opened the subject, expect a lot of debate, particularly in states with large retirement populations. However, once the elections are over, and the dust settles, expanding Social Security will be a dead end issue. With the vast numbers of Baby Boomers...

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Common Cents for September 28th 2012

November 1, 2012, by John Norris

If you read the news enough, you could conclude the world increasingly doesn’t understand the very basic risk/reward paradigm. Essentially, the amount of reward you receive is commensurate with the amount of risk you take. To businesspeople, this makes perfect sense; it is how it should be. That is how you create wealth: you take risk. It helps if you are insanely brilliant and devilishly attractive, but, where the rubber meets the road, the common...

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