Argentinian Woes…Huh?!

July 31, 2014, by John Norris

Today wasn’t a very good day for the world’s investment markets. Bank woes in Portugal; a default in Argentina; conflict in the Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, and the specter of a less accommodating Federal Reserve have investors headed for the turnstiles. In and of themselves, the dollars amounts in Argentina and Portugal don’t amount to much on a global scale. The Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting each other for years, as have the...

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Some Common Cents for March 7th 2014

March 10, 2014, by John Norris

This week, I have found the turmoil in the Ukraine and Crimea to be incredibly fascinating, probably more so than most people. After all, I have read a number of books about Russian history, specifically the later half of the 19th century up through the end of the Russian Civil War. A lot of it is brutal stuff, but there is one thread that seems to have permeated Russian history for, well, seemingly forever: miscalculations...

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